My Precious Friends- By Esther Rachel Shajan

  • Contributed by : Esther Rachel Shajan
  • Status : Student
  • Class : 12th
  • Age : 17
  • Mode : Medium
  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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"My Precious Friends" is a story poem describing my High school journey along with my new friends.

I was walking through the corridor

Scared and tensed, as it was the first day of high school,

In a brand new place full of adventures.

Loud shouting could be heard from classes

Of my new high school in Qatar.

My mind was pondering over and over again

How my mates would be to me?

Will they be nice or rude to me?

With all these thoughts filled in my mind

I entered my new class

To my surprise, Instead of bullies

I saw a bunch of shining smiles greeting me and enquiring about me.

They collected as many details as they could get from me.

Then I said “Hey, I guess we could be good friends”

They happily brought me to a wonderful and colorful world


Days and months passed,

A beautiful bond of friendship was created among us,

It was Capturing our merriness, dismay, and crazy things we did together.

I felt the warmth of my lovelies in my sadness and the times I was down

They were there to comfort me and lit up my day.

Now as I’m nearing the completion of my High school

I carry a heart full of stories to carry for the rest of my life.

It’s gonna reside in my heart forever like a Precious Gem.

Bidding Adieu is the saddest part of our school journey.

Hard to accept the fact of leaving our beloved friends

Then comes the ray of sunlight leading us to our desired Destination

And giving us hope that we would again meet.

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