The Two Lamps of Our Life- By Shrividya Mukherjee

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Today is the auspicious day of Diwali-the festival of lights. We all light lamps and celebrate it. But often do we forget to light the lamps that are inside us-the ones that are not lit. Courage and determination are the two lamps that are left inside us unnoticed. The lamps that can make us achieve the unachievable.

Courage and determination are the two weapons given to us by the almighty that can make people without limbs climb the Mt.Everest and become one of the most renowned dancers of the world. Yes, Arunima Sinha and Mark Inglis are few amputees to reach the world’s highest peak. Sudha Chandran is one of the finest dancers of Bharatanatyam who had lost her legs due to an accident. These are some of the living examples who converted their weaknesses into strengths and impossible to possible. They are the ones who gathered courage and determination in them and reached the summit of success. They went through all hurdles and overcame all obstacles that life had for them and became an inspiration for millions.

Life is not a bed of roses all throughout, it is thorny at some points. But, it is our determination to reach our goal and courage to face all hurdles that take us through. Their journey wasn’t easy too but they made it because they never gave up. The day we give up on our courage is the day we really fail. Failure is not when we cannot achieve, it is when we cannot perceive. All successful men born on this planet had to go through the harshness of life but none stepped back. Instead they moved forward with courage for which they are successful today. We all are gifted with the weapon of courage and determination, it is only that we cannot use them properly and end up feeling depressed, distressed and disturbed. The way we look at life and accept it or crib for it makes the difference.

The determination is I CAN AND I WILL. This can do wonders. It is the sense of ITS OKAY- I CAN TRY AGAIN. Nothing can be the end of the world as we all think. The future has something stored for us always. Climbing from a stone of failure to another stone of failure without any loss of enthusiasm carries us to our goal. It is more important to be self- motivated and self- determined than to wait for others because we all possess this and all we need to do is light it. . The more gold is rubbed the more does it shine. So, successful people always have to confront many odds. But if gold doesn’t tolerate the pains of being rubbed, it can never shine as it does.

The courage is to face the challenges posed in our life and become victors. It is the light that if ignited fly one just like rockets. Problems are a part of life but facing them with courage is the art of life. It is the force that made kings win battles on a field and makes us win the battles of everyday life. It is one very important part of success because success without courage isn’t possible. It gives us the confidence to keep going on and helps us fight odds that life has for us. It also helps fight our fears and overcome them. Hence making us better individuals.

Having fixed our goal, it is important to keep in mind that problems are inevitable. Moving towards life with sheer determination can make all of us successful individuals in life. Let us light the lamps of determination and courage on this auspicious day and become an inspiration for millions as all successful men did.

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