Letter to the rain- By Shrividya Mukherjee

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Dear Rain,

You are pouring on my roof right now. You are washing every muddy tank up there. You are pouring on those cemented roads and giving them a new shiny look. You are pouring on the muddy ones at the same time and making puddles for children to jump on. You are pouring on the tall mighty trees and carrying the dirt they have on their leaves till the ground.

They look so freshened up and seem more majestic than ever with the bright green leaves and fragrant flowers. You are quenching the thirst of so many tiny lives and giving them a new life. You are filling up the seasonal rivers and making them flow again. You are letting the peacocks spread their beautiful feathers to dance. Your tinkling pours are inspiring the frogs to croak. Everything looks so new and fancy when you arrive. After the harsh dry summers, you seem to bathe everyone with the shower of fulfillment and contentment.

But wait, you seem to have forgotten us-the humans. We are waiting for you to shower your drops on us too and wash away the muddy sins from us just like you are doing to the tanks up there. We are waiting for you to give us a shiny look by removing all our pains just like you do to the cemented roads. We are waiting for you to carry the dirt like jealousy from our minds and carry them till the ground and mix them with the sand and make us majestic like the trees. We are waiting for you to quench our thirst of peace-that we all are looking for like you do to millions of tiny lives.

We are waiting for you to fill our minds with bliss and make us flow with the rhythm of life once again just as you do the seasonal rivers. We are waiting for you to pour in our hearts and make us dance to the song of life. We all are looking forward for you to pour down through our hearts and clean it so well that no mud of sins, anger, jealousy and sorrow is washed away. It has no space in our minds. All our hearts should have is the sense of eternal bliss, love and care, virtues and peace.

Let us become pure and innocent both inside and outside. Let us become new individuals again. Wash our past and give a brighter look to our future. We are humans but we lack the concept of humanity. Fill our hearts with humanity. We all are longing for the day when the wait is finally going to be over and we can unfold our new self again. That would be called the Day of Real Humans.

Yours lovingly
Shrividya Mukherjee

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