My Experience as a Young Director, Actor, and a Scriptwriter- By Gayathri Saju

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I have been always enamored and impressed by the films and movies I had seen in a big screen in several languages. The hero’s dramatic entry fascinates me the most along with unexpected plot twist introduced in the middle of the film. From seeing different movies, I got interested in making some basic awareness short films with eyesore scenes and important striking messages needed in one’s life. But I have always wondered and pondered on how one can pursue filmmaking and what would be the criteria required for it to be accomplished.

Keeping this dream aside, I decided to go for achieving other activities held in school. In one fine afternoon, after attending my virtual school, I was happily lolling on the sofa, enjoying the delicious banana fritters and crispy crunchy onion pakoras, with the phone on the small table next to me, looking at the pigeons outside my balcony. I was glancing at the cunning pigeons who were munching on our little plants, as if eating a scrumptious vegetable biryani with raita and Gulab Jamuns. My lazy nature inhibited me from driving away the naughty pigeons, thus proving me that I was a kind, sympathetic girl. Anyways, I was gazing at the balcony watching the naughty ones and then suddenly a message popped up from the phone. The message was from my class group, and I grabbed it in hurry to open the message. Well, it was from my class teacher who messaged us a brochure of WH Tv in our school encouraging short films to be created by students and to send the film to their mail ids. She wanted all of us to participate actively. With deepened curiosity and boundless enthusiasm on my nerves, I decided to direct a film along with my classmates. I asked all of them and fortunately 7 of them agreed to join me in my long journey. Some of my members were in India, and readily agreed to shoot more scenes there. We decided on one topic and decided that our film will be based on curbing illegal poaching. I started preparing the script in April, completed it in May, then our team held meetings for rehearsals for practice and in late June, we started the recording of the same. Recording was hard and tiresome and as a director, I had to push my members ahead to forward their videos for editing. By mid-July, we were able to receive all the videos for compiling. The script was long, so we had to cut short the scenes to make the film come under the time limit. So, the main editors cum actors in our team- Aurick, Evan and Joel helped me cut short the entire script along with my other members Arjun Aliza and Roshini.

Our film was wrapped up in end of July, the editing was left behind. So, we edited the scenes within the next 10 days and submitted it in August. We did all that we could do, toiling hard on the past 5 months for getting an awareness film to be done.

It was a really nice experience for me, being a director, actor, scriptwriter, and a co-editor of the film. Our team did a great job with a lot of hardwork, and it was like we accomplished an ethereal masterpiece using all the covid protocols.






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