Beauty in the Ugliness- By Esther Alexander

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The birds chirped brightly in Daegu as the gentle breeze danced to the melody of rustling leaves and the glistening of the ethereal blue sea washed across the shore, greeting the shining ball of light that peeked over the endless horizon. I slowly walked around my backyard as my fingers lightly grazed over the walls of the house.

My legs quickly took me to the door. I calmly grazed my fingers over the rusty wood, the smell of old bark making its way to my nostrils. My hands pushed the rusty door open and instantly my senses were filled with the scent of flowers.

My toes dug into the soft, wet grass as I sat down on the earth below. My hands rushed to feel the gorgeous beauties on the grass, as I was told. I slowly traced my fingertips over the petals of the beauty. The petal felt so bright and warm. I felt shots of energy slowly pumping through me as my fingertips still traced it. It was yellow, the feeling of the sun that burned one's skin but kept the world bright and sunny.

The wind softly blew against my face, taking each strand of hair out of my messy bun. I giggled softly as the bits of hair tickled my cheeks and caressed my face and I leaned into its softness. I smiled softly and carefully got up before walking to another source of heat that came from the South-east.

The sun painted my skin with warmth and I gently leaned onto a tree, my hands again bore out to touch the leaves of the tree only to feel brambly branches. I frowned and pushed myself off the tree and suddenly I felt something drop lightly on my head and slide to the ground. I gasped and quickly placed myself on the ground and felt the piles of leaves. My hands weaved through them, the leaves slipping through my fingers like water. I laughed joyously before spinning around and throwing the bundle of leaves all around. It was autumn.

Autumn always brought gladness to my heart, it is a season that shows us so much meaning. I have been told, during the autumn the trees aren't filled with that refreshing colour they call 'green'. But instead, it is found bare, void of any colour, and empty of its once, glorious beauty.

But what makes this season a favourite among a few is a wonder to many. The trees may be bare and empty but the ground is filled with colours so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They say there are so many colours like orange, yellow and even brown. The sound of the colours itself brings warmth and joy to the heart.

The trees are bare but our wandering eyes focus on the beauty below that eats up the bare trees, extinguishing it from reality. Those people who admire and adore this season find beauty in all places not just in its normal place, shape or form but in every other.

The grass feels and seems bare during the spring but the trees seem full of glory and marvel. The opposite follows during autumn, trees bare but the ground full. The ugliness and beauty together form something marvelling.

It teaches us to focus on the beauty that is not in the original place, shape or form but everywhere. To see the beauty in something or through something else, not always by the common source of reliance. To find the beauty in the ugliness, to seek the glory and the uniqueness in something different and new. To choose to see the beauty even in the ugliest and most dreadful situations.

"Melody" my dear mother called, my thoughts immediately vanishing. I felt a presence near me and a soft hand gently held my hand and walked me around the garden.

I laughed in pleasure and delight as we spun around, the wind joining with us. My eyes may see nothing but darkness infinitely beyond. But I have learned to find the beauty even amidst that shadow of darkness, to find the light even through the blindness, to light up the candle and remove the cloak of darkness that I once knew.

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One Reply to “Beauty in the Ugliness- By Esther Alexander”

  1. Excellent work! Especially because it’s based in Daegu…. You never missed any tiny detail, I closed my eyes and imagined myself in the world you created. Keep on writing!!
    A fan of your works forever
    Malavika Vinod