Avoid Bad Company- BY Shrividya Mukherjee

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Company influences us for life, stays with us for life and shapes us as a person
for life. So, it’s extremely important to have the right company.

A very warm welcome to all my respected teachers and my dear friends. Today
I would like to talk about the most important part of our lives- our companions.
I would like to begin by a story. Once upon a time, Buddha came across a goon
who was trying to trick him and capture him. But Buddha as we know, had
known that much before even meeting that goon. So, he dearly called the goon
and told the goon to accompany him just for a night. And the goon found this
the best opportunity to succeed in his mission and readily moved ahead. Buddha went to his cave and started chanting the name of the divine the whole night and asked the goon to do the same. The goon, baffled on seeing Buddha and his temper did as told and after that night, held Buddha’s feet and asked for forgiveness as he had realized his mistake. And that’s when Buddha told him the importance of right company.

Now I have a question for you, do you think the realization of the goon would
be possible without Buddha? The man was nice at heart but what had spoilt him was his bad company. And that’s why it’s advised to beware of our company.

I have an acronym for you- ABC- Avoid Bad Company.
We are social beings and always love company and get attached to it. We tend
to spend our life with our company and it becomes a part and parcel of our life.
Our company influences us deeply and is largely responsible for what we
become because they hold a large place in us.
Now, how do we define a company?
Our companions are the ones we hang around with and to be more precise, are
influenced by. They are our friends and in this digital world, the people whom
we follow or the ones who inspire us. So, we need to choose our company in
order for our own good.

We can mingle around with everyone, talk to them, spend time with them but
having our limitations drawn. We need to get along with different people in life that’s inevitable, but the ones we choose as our company are in our hands.
We first need to talk to our inner-self before deciding our company. Everyone
has a purpose in life and to achieve those, we need a lot of other aspects. We
should be cautious so that those aspects aren’t spoilt. Our character, personality,
mentality and other important factors of life are much governed by our
influence. So, it’s better choose them right away rather than to repent later. One rotten apple spoils the lot and hence it’s better to stay with fresh ones. Also, a bad company can make you a victim of wrong habits like smoking. And as adolescents, we always have cravings to explore new stuffs which is very good till a point, but that makes us fall into unwanted and unnecessary troubles. So, think before you act.

Now, let’s discuss the importance of a right company.
Here, company refers to any individual whom you look forward to, take
inspiration from or simply rely on. A good company helps you build yourself as
a person. They always stand by you in all times of distress and remember that’s
a real company. They point out when you are wrong and applaud when you are
right thus being your true people.

In this whole wide world, we find different types of people with different
mentalities. But, it’s important to choose the one right for us. Being humans, we have the capability to distinguish and demarcate between the right and the
wrong, the good and the bad. So, let’s use this precious gift of god. Let us
understand that different people dwell in this world and we have to choose from them. We might need to get along with all but having in mind our boundaries.

After all, it’s our company to whom we look up to. So, beware of the company
because you are made to touch the sky and you shouldn’t be pulled back just for your company. Taste every apple but remain on the tree that has fresh and juicy ones. Not to be selfish but to learn to be selfless and amazing throughout life
just as you are.
Thank You!

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