The Strength of Humanity- By Fida Ancy

  • Contributed by : Fida Ancy
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  • Class : 10
  • Age : 15
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  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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Strength lies in the sprout,
Breaking through from beneath the ground.
Strength lies in the twisting waters,
Forging on, never undeterred.
Strength lies in our hearts,
Ever enduring, a blazing inferno.

In the darkest depths of time,
As the earth crumbles beneath our feet,
As the firmament comes crashing down,
And the enemy lurks amidst,
In times of horror and twilight sleep,
A single spark ignites in our hearts,
Fire for fire, fight for fight.

The darkness grows, and growls,
Creeping in, its whispers virulent.
Chaos and death and strife it bears,
And the blaze falters,
Roaring crimson now dull.
A muted cry rings out in the void,

Unheard but by a few.
Who, with fire in their hearts,
And grit in their minds, advance,
The twin flame growing bright,
Blinding white,
And the shadow recoils,
Too daunted to advance.

Hard times befall us,
Forging us in fire,
And a truer steel emerges,
The blade an arc of light.

When the earth crumbles beneath our feet,
And the firmament comes crashing down,
Strength lies in our hearts,
A blade in blazing flame,
Forever prevailing,
Forever fiery.





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