Woman’s Day- By Esther Alexander

  • Contributed by : Esther Alexander
  • Status : Student
  • Class : 8
  • Age : 13
  • Mode : Medium
  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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Every woman or lady carries something beautiful in their eyes
But beneath them lay those lowly cries and trails of demise

“Equality means giving a right to all individuals,” say those highly taught teachings
But those disappear when they find blameless women being spat at by those beastly beings

These stereotypical people create an equation to make bronze equal to brains
But Shakuntala Devi’s calculations will surely put those foolish equations to flames

Their innocent ears hear their every demand to do this and that
But do they care now when the lady's heart line stays flat

The boys go hand in hand with bags and books exempted from all chores
While these horrid fools use tears of women to wipe the already clean floor

Now some might say my words and tongue stretches beyond the limit
But this is just the calm before the storm, for my fury just seems to climb up by the minute

Though my heart knows that the world will forever be the same
But my eyes glisten with hope just to see my words to let society make change

Their souls pour out cups of care and love
But are broken and mangled with a brutal shove

Their delicate hands caress the little one's heart, hushing them to sleep
But do they know they are coated with cuts of agony on which they weep?

So please give them the respect they are worthy of
Please I plead while my rage evaporates
Because each one of them is a carefully composed song from above
~Esther J. Alexander

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