Essay Topics (Age-6-10)

Please find a list of Essay topics /creative writing ideas for children of Age 6 to Age 10.

If you are looking for essays for children of age 10-15 ,Please find the link for the same. Essays for Children of Age-10-15

Not so sweet candy

My Hobby-Reading

The first gift i received

My pet animal

My Grandmother

My Brother

My favourite Toy-Barbie

My Favorite Cartoon-Scooby Doo

If i were a tree

My Neighbour

Save Trees

My House

My Teacher

Who is a Friend

The place i would like to live

In the Garden

My father

Smoking is Injurious to health

The sun

My favorite Season

My Pet Rabbit

My Mother

Visit to a Park

My hobby

Indian Independence Day

My School

My Room

My First Bicycle

My barbie Doll

Trees are our Best friends

If i were a butterfly

My favorite Flower

My favourite Fruit

On a hot summer Day

My mama

If i were a millionaire

My Favourite Cartoon- Batman


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  1. Excellent topics covered. More topics should be added .. Please add topice for the age group of 3-6 also.. Excellent site..

  2. Very nice topics are covered. More topics such as on doctor, engineer, teacher etc. should also be added at the ealiest. Please add topics for the age group of 4-6 also. Our kids are currently within this age group of 4-6. Excellent site and keep it up please.

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