• Nisha R

    Can some one suggests some good topics for elocution competition for 8 year old ?

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    Apeksha Dambal

    Importance of studies in life

    Nisha R

    Thanks a lot Apeksha.. thats a good topic.

    Ria Hakani

    Why are books Important to us

    bhavika kolli

    Importance of yoga in life

    Lakshmi Nanda Madhusoodhanan

    Family and Friends
    Why I love my mom and dad
    Funny things my parents say
    Let me tell you about my imaginary friend
    Things that really happened at grandma’s house when mom and dad aren’t there
    Secrets my mom does all day when I’m not around
    What my brother/sister thinks of me
    What my dad does in the bathroom for all that time
    If I had a choice between getting money or spending time with my family, I would choose…
    What did I do for my mom last mother’s day
    Let me tell you about my family
    My family’s traditions
    Original projects to surprise my parents on Mother’s Day (in the Spring) and Father’s Day (often marked in June).
    Where we went on vacation/holiday with my family
    What is my favourite song
    My favourite band or singer, and one of his or her greatest hits I would like to play with some clarification.
    The best fairy tale or a variation child speech topic can be a cartoon character.
    My favourite season of the year is…
    My favourite time of day or week.
    The funniest April Fool’s Day joke.
    5 of my favourite words
    Top favourite Christmas song of all times
    3 favourite things to buy at the market
    If I went to my favourite restaurant I would order…
    Mom and my favourite place to visit is.
    My favourite thing about summer
    What my favourite pizza toppings are
    My favourite New Year’s tradition
    Favourite sundae toppings
    The most delicious meal I’ve ever had
    If I built the ultimate sandwich, it would have…
    The worst vegetable on the planet
    How many things can you make with a potato
    Describe the flavours of Thanksgiving foods
    One thing I know how to cook is…
    The contents of your lunch box.
    Different ways to eat an apple
    Why I don’t care about the “Five-second rule”
    I don’t like to eat … Fill in something you dislike
    A day in the life as a fly
    What my dog is thinking
    What would it be like if dinosaurs roamed the Earth?
    My dream mythical creature for a pet would be…
    If I could talk to animals…
    What do cows think about
    How do animals talk to each other
    How to care for your pets, the right way
    What rights should animals have?
    What different wild animals have I seen
    How penguins live on Antarctica and only there and not on the North Pole (besides the zoo of course)
    A day at the wildlife sea aquarium, with dolphins, sharks, whales and seals.
    How kangaroos care for their children.
    What birds visit your backyard at home
    How do rainbows work
    What planet would I visit if I had my own rocket ship
    Why the sky is blue
    How are stars made
    Where do clouds come from?
    Where babies come from
    What outer space is like
    Why do the leaves on trees change colour in the fall
    How water is so important
    What makes the Sun so bright
    How do boats float
    Why do we have dreams when we sleep
    Why are eyes different colours
    What makes the world go ’round
    How do planes fly
    The stars, black holes, galaxies and the interstellar medium in our cosmos
    Biggest birthday wish
    Best indoor winter activities
    Coolest superhero power
    If I was the President of the U.S….
    My dream vacation
    If I were a character in a book, I would be…
    Why I’m on Santa’s nice/naughty list
    The inside scoop on __________
    If I could change one thing about the world, it would be…
    How I really feel about seeing the doctor
    The best part about holidays
    If I had three wishes, they would be…
    If I were famous, it would be for me…
    My secret life as a spy
    My best invention
    Fun games to play on long car rides
    Silly songs I know
    In my dream house, there would be…
    The best part about being sick
    Why the tooth fairy must be real
    What my name means
    Disney World: the first person I’d want to see is…
    If I was the author of a book, I’d write about…
    The charity I’m going to donate to when I’m older is…
    What happiness means to me
    The best thing about me is…
    If I could be a character in any video game, it would be…
    How I care for the environment every day
    Why are farmers important
    What I want to be for Halloween next year
    What I want to be when I grow up
    Why best friends are so special
    If I was a princess or prince, I would …
    My toys, dolls or mini racing cars collection.
    My trip to Disney World or other resort.
    How I decorate my room at home.
    My biggest adventure.
    Good kid games online.
    Nice birthday presents you like to get.
    What you could do without television or video.
    Foreign holidays we do not celebrate.
    Things – food or scary situations – that make you sick.
    What is more important: Doing what’s right or being popular
    The best memory I can remember
    Who I was named after
    What it would be like to meet an alien
    My greatest fear
    The happiest day of my life
    Something I have done that I am proud of
    What adult in my life do I look up to the most
    How to plan a surprise party
    A day at the beach
    The coolest toy I have
    What I know about (insert sport)
    Vampires or werewolves?
    Steps to drawing a flower
    If I re-wrote the story, “The Little Mermaid” or “Bambi” it would go like this…
    How to make a snowman
    The strangest place I’ve ever been
    Are table manners really important
    Tell a myth or legend about your future self
    The coolest art/craft I’ve ever made
    If I were in charge, the rules I would make would be…

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