Abdul Qayyum

  • Project done By: Shreya Varsha Arun, Malavika Krishna,Tanmay Sahu, Abhishek Jayant Patil and Karthik Sudheer
    Sustainable development aims at the sustainability of the natural resources for today’s g […]

    • Dear Shreya and other contributers,
      It is an outstanding science project.You need to be congratulated for; reveiw of literature,methodology and scientific inferences. The support extented by your school and the guidance of your science teachers is appreciated. You need to be specialy appreciated for selecting a topic which is having a social relevance. Our country will have a glorious future if young scientific minds are motivated. The environmental relevance of reuse and recycling of grey water using these simple tools will help to make our planet cleaner and greener. Let this platform of exploreabc.com nurture these budding scientists.


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