Story Telling Topics

Kids Story telling Topics


Storytelling is an exiting way to develop communication and presentation skills among children. Stories are simple ,easy to understand and kids can easily remember them.


7 Points to  remember when you prepare you kid for story telling


  1. Make sure you select a simple story which your kid can easily pick up.
  2. Make sure you sit with your kid patiently and  make him/her understand the concept of the story
  3. Let your kid read the story multiple times and encourage him/her to reproduce it.
  4. If the flow of his/her  story delivery is good enough, focus on voice modulation and expressions.
  5. Make sure that you demonstrate emotions and expressions for instances  like questions, surprise, happy, sad, angry
  6. Practice makes perfection- however ,don’t force it too much
  7. Appreciate his/her progress and make him/her feel confident about her presentation.


Please find a list of stories for Children aged 5,6,7,8


Story of Birbal

Juniors kids Story on Good manners

Junior kids story-The lion and the mouse

My mango Tree

The Orphanage

Two Frogs- Story telling for LKG,UKG Kids