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    1. in your kids essay kindly teach us also which is noun,adjectives etc by underlying so we can learn easily.thank you.

    2. it is excellent & my son is the student of rabindra bharati school in vizag he is of classII, 6yrs he uses to give speech in school how he can join in speech contest plz inform me thanks

    3. Hi There,

      I am a mother for 3rd grade kid. We stay in chennai (India). How can make my kid participate in oratory competition. Pls help me….

    4. Hello Ryo,
      What do you mean? Do you want words that describe a pomegranate (red, fruity, sour, crunchy…) or do you want other words that MEAN pomegranate (there are no other words that have the same meaning unless you want the scientific names – Punica florida, Punica nana or the direct translation of the word “Grain Apple”)?

      I hope this helps, but if you need anything more, let me know.

    5. Hello snehaacharya,

      Hope this helps.

      There are many places in the world where poverty and “brain drain” is a problem and both the “Third” and the “First” world both suffer from them. In a capitalist reading of relations between people we all have the right to attain our highest position regardless of our birthplace. Under this system freedom of movement should be an absolute: Asians should have the right to move to the West and vice versa. While this is an absolute good for individuals, it will ultimately mean that we will sort ourselves into the haves and the have-nots. Under this model places like India will be left seething with the poor, the unlucky and the stupid, while Canada and Australia will fill with the talented and the rich from the sub-continent. This sorting will continue until we have the have countries and the have-not countries. All talent will be in the West and all poverty will be in the East (especially if the West can export the stupid as easily as it now imports the smart).
      Is there an alternative? If we go hyper-nationalist as president Trump now seems to be doing we will soon sort on the basis of skin colour rather than talent. In this scenario India will be for the Brown, Africa for the Black and America for the White. This is, without a doubt racist, but it will help to keep brown talent in India and Black talent in Africa.
      Which outcome is preferable? Should we have a world bifurcated along the lines of race or talent and wealth? I foresee no other alternative. In fact if I have to be honest, I myself prefer to live with members of my own (insert preference here) economic class/ social class/ race. We all must divide. Which is better?